Monday, 29 July 2013

An English Summer & The Shipping Forecast

The English summertime has returned. I confess I haven't known what to do with all this sunshine we've been experiencing. It's very high pressure weather, and by that I don't mean the particular front that happens to be wafting over us, but that you must get out there and enjoy it, spend every waking minute in it, despite your prickly heat prone skin, because soon it will be gone.

Rain is much more accepting. Inclement weather can be so very comforting, take the shipping forecast.

All together now : 

North Utsire, South Utsire. Southwest veering southeast 4 or 5. Good, occasionally poor. 

Dogger, Northwest 8, veering North, gale 8 or 9. Squally showers. Poor.

Malin, Rockall South 6, occasionally 7 veering Southeast. Light snow showers. Good.

That's poetry if ever I heard it. Sometimes I even catch up on iplayer.

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