Thursday, 5 September 2013

Autumn Accessories Top 10

Autumn Accessories Top 10

- If you're after a new work bag then this bright, and I mean bright, orange affair from Kimbolton could be just the thing. Handmade in England, supporting the economy - warm happy feeling. Not only will it keep your papers, purse and pieces in good order (piece is Scottish for sandwich, did you know that? I didn't) but it'll also make sure you're seen on dark winters nights.

- I'm terrible with nail polish. Impatient and splodgy, these are however pretty much fool proof.

- I own a remarkably similar belt from Jigsaw, purchased many moons ago. It goes with everything and dispensing with the flappy bit that normally sticks out past the buckle just makes it that touch smarter, also, that leather is stretchy, which is both novel and useful post-cake.

- Again from Jigsaw. These flats are a great 'go with everything' colour and they won't look too scruffy after stamping through the odd puddle or two.

- The perfect, understated watch and none too pricey either.

-  Cath Kidston's new bird print is rather jolly and their purses have a  fat, durable zip that goes all the way around so no digging pennies out the bottom of a satchel situations here. 

- Is it just me that gets disproportionately excited about new socks? These ones have crows on them, a little featured creature in the 'put a bird on it' category.

- Back to Plumo and I'm keeping a beady eye on these firebird earrings for the moment they plop into the sale. Something a bit different eh.

-I always think I'll wear a hat. They suit me, hats that is, giving the illusion that my massive konk is a bit smaller than it in fact is. For some reason I don't but perhaps if I one day own this beauty I'll catch on. Again, one I'll be watching for a sale.

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