Monday, 5 August 2013

If, for women

(Obviously Inspired by and following the form of  the famous 'If' by Rudyard Kipling, which is of course sage advice for both genders.)

If, for Women 

If you can define your own ambitions,
And not limit that reach to an accepted aim;
If you can be flexible in thought and reason,
And in so doing inspire the same;
If you can thread your words with kindness,
And never partake in cruelty;
If you can respect the ideals of others,
But retain a hold on reality;

If you can be generous with time and feeling,
And careful in dispensing it too;
If you can value character above appearance,
And encourage people to think the same as you;
If you can take lessons from your successes,
As well as those hard learnt in your defeat;
If you can face each day with bravery,
And know that there’s courage in retreat;

If you can allow for the faults of men and women,
Remembering your own countless failings too,
And be assured that everyone thereafter, 
Is likely to have no more, nor less than you;
If you can be sincere in all your dealings,
Engendering the same sincerity in return,
And proffer advice without dictating,
Nurture, even if no child is yours by birth;

If you can reject the myths that surround both sexes,
Refuse this definition and any other you might read;
If you can instead imbue your own decisions,
With fresh wisdom and integrity;
If you can speak out where prejudice is given credence,
Refuse to let bigotry take seed and grow;
Yours is the world and everything that’s in it,
And-what is more - you’ll be a woman, you know.

- Alice Hargrave

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