Saturday, 17 August 2013

Sunday Sketch Book - Lyme Regis

We haven't had a family holiday in years. Thanks to a very generous Aunt and Uncle a fair few of us managed to assemble in Dorset for the past week. It is a tradition I've truly missed and at the same time a strange feeling to revisit these seaside sojourns as an adult, accompanied by nephews, nieces and grandparents alike. Stranger still to know that the newer family members, the youngsters that I can no longer really count myself amongst, are forming the same flavour of memories that I still look back misty eyed on - of the one precious week we spent every year ensconced in a leaky cottage by the river in Dartmouth: crabbing, exploring, swimming, bothering seagulls...seagull bothering has still got to be one of my favourite summertime activities, they should include it in more books - the art of chip waggling.

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